One-On-One consulting

Let's face it - there are millions of digital marketers out there. You can pay for consultations from most of them for a fraction of the cost of what we charge at Lime Media (yes we are very blunt).

But there is one thing that sets us apart from all of them. We have actual real-life business experience.

For 14 years we have spent our own money on all our different platforms. We have launched more than 114 businesses online, spent MILLIONS in online advertising and we are still running and managing many successful online businesses internally.

Where most digital agencies spend other companies’ budgets and report back on fancy metrics like engagement, clicks and brand reach; we focus on one thing only - getting an amazing ROI from our campaigns.

We have real boots-on-the-ground experience, we have spent millions online to discover what works and what doesn’t and it took us 14 years to build up the knowledge we have today.

So if you want to learn from the best, then enquire below to see if we can help you. Once you enquire, we will put you through our screening process to see if we are able to help you or not. We are extremely selective over our clients when it comes to consulting since we have very limited openings left. Our rate is $2,500 per hour so if you'd like to apply, then get in touch below.


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