We provide a steady stream of highly relevant contextual inbound leads to our clients. 

About Us

We generate contextual inbound leads for our clients through the digital assets that we own and manage. Our contextual leads ensure that our clients have a steady stream of inbound leads keeping their lead pipelines full.

Contextual Leads Explained

Contextual leads are full opt-in, permission based, POPI compliant leads where the prospect has provided their express consent to be contacted about a specific offer. This means that our clients lead pipelines are always full of prospects that actually want to be contacted about a specific offer or product. 


Our Inbound contextual leads also have a number of advantages over traditional inbound leads generated through pay per click advertising such as Google ads.

Broader reach means greater lead capacity

Longer pre-lead messaging resulting in more educated prospects

Lower cost of acquiring the leads

Advertising Models

We work on both cost per lead (CPL) campaigns, as well as cost per sale (CPS) campaigns. In the case of cost per sale (CPS) campaigns we require minimum sales conversion targets and guarantees from our clients.

Clients We Work With

We work with both agency clients as well as larger direct corporate accounts.

Our Digital Assets

For a detailed list of our digital assets and to discuss some contextual lead generation activities,

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